This Day In Keweenaw County History

Keweenaw County has a rich and varied history. Our “This Day In Keweenaw County History” column which appears on our “Welcome” page, highlights some of the events that helped shape our county.  All the events we use have come from documented source, which does not mean that we’re 100% sure they are correct but only that we’ve made an effort to get the correct date matched to the correct event. The events fall into categories:

  • Copper Rush: During the early 1840’s the US Government leased land in the Keweenaw to individuals who came her looking for copper. This category shows the range of people and places that rushed to the Keweenaw seeking their fortune.
  • Legal: Events relating to legal acts of the legislature and county board that determined the boundaries of Keweenaw County and its townships
  • Mining: Events relating to mining companies and mining activities in Keweenaw County
  • Shipwrecks: shipwrecks, groundings, etc. in Keweenaw County waters
  • Trains: Events relating to the use if railroads in Keweenaw County.

Our list of events is a work in progress. If you have documented events and dates you may submit them for our list by contacting us via our website.

If you missed yesterday, or care to peek ahead to tomorrow, follow the accompanying page for a three-day view of events.