Events: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Events from yesterday:

  • Copper Rush
  • 1845

    Hammond Whitney of Boston ,MA received Lease 11 for 3 miles square near Keweenaw  , T58N , R29W for the Gratiot Company

  • Legal
  • 1844

    William Burt discovers iron ore near Marquette.

  • Shipwrecks
  • 1844

    The brig J. J. Astor arrives at Copper Harbor, anchors off shore due to wind but wrecks when her anchor gives out on 9/19/1844

Events for today:

No Events

Events for tomorrow

  • Shipwrecks
  • 1844

    The brig John Jacob Astor runs aground in Copper Harbor while bringing supplies to Fort Wilkins

  • 1942

    The barges City of St. Joseph an the Transport wreck in a gale east  of Eagle Harbor.