Keweenaw County is Michigan’s northernmost county, and its smallest (in population). The county comprises the upper half of the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula, that beckoning finger of land that sticks out into Lake Superior.

Where Is Keweenaw County - map of Michigan
Where Is Keweenaw County?

It is a region rich in history as well as natural beauty. Copper mining is a major historical theme, but commercial fishing, lumbering, maritime and life-saving history, and various ethnic stories are notable, too.

The Keweenaw County Historical Society, established in 1981, is a group of volunteers who work hard and take pleasure in commemorating and sharing that history.

Our Mission

To discover, document and disseminate the history of Keweenaw County through research, historical property preservation and restoration, development and maintenance of historical museums and archival collections, the production and publication of historical focused media and the conduct of historical education programs and events.

See the Site Calendar page for the hours for our museum sites which are typically open from Mid-May or Mid-June until October. Check out our publications page. Visit this web site for frequent updates about the activities sponsored by the KCHS. Maybe you’d like to become a member and receive our award-winning quarterly newsletter, “The Superior Signal.” Welcome!

The picture in our Web banner is of the Eagle Harbor Light Station, on the shore of Lake Superior. This property is owned by the Keweenaw County Historical Society and is the site of its major museums. The lighthouse was built in 1871 and the light is still operated by the Coast Guard. The white building with red roof to the right was the fog signal building and now houses a maritime museum. The other two buildings were assistant light keepers’ dwellings. The white building now houses a commercial fishing museum. The brown building is known as the Keeper’s Cottage as it was the home of the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper. It is available for rent to Society members in the summer and fall and a vacation home on Lake Superior. See the Rentals menu for additional information on renting the Keepers Cottage.

Pronounce Keweenaw: KEY-win-awe

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