About the Keweenaw County Historical Society

The Keweenaw County Historical Society, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)* organization, was established in 1981 to preserve and share the history of the county. It has over 1,200 members, many of whom are life members. It operates a number of museums that are open to the public in the summer, publishes a quarterly newsletter and several booklets, runs various programs for adults and children in the summer, maintains an archive of relevant documents, and actively maintains various historical properties.

The members of the Society have profound respect for those who  created the history we now study and preserve. And we have a profound responsibility to those who will come after, to ensure that the history is still there. We are the connecting link, and it is important that we do our job well. Every membership and every gift is vital – we could not continue the Society’s important and exciting work without such support.

Officers and Trustees of the Keweenaw County Historical Society

President Lawrence J. Molloy
Vice President Karen Hintz
Secretary Anne Boggio
Treasurer Nancy Molloy
Trustees Frank S. Carlton
Michael Cooper
Anita Campbell
Judy Davis
Elaine Hall, Deputy Treasurer
Mel Jones
Paul R. Freshwater
Ron Lahti
John (Jack) B. Marta
Richard Mintken
Mark F. Rowe
Virginia Schubert
Honorary Trustees Virginia Petermann Jamison
Richard Dana
Peter Van Pelt
Eloise D. Liddicoat
Clarence J. Monette (deceased)
David H. Thomas

The Lauri W. Leskinen Memorial Award

House 25The Lauri Leskinen Award is given for outstanding service to the Society. Each year the KCHS presents the Lauri W. Leskinen Memorial Award, named for the founder and first president of the Society, to someone who has made noteworthy contributions to the preservation and sharing of the history of Keweenaw County. The most recent recipient was Elaine and Tom Hall who received the Laurie Leskinen Award for 2016 at the Annual Dinner on 9-18-2016.